Bondi Beach Cottage

September 1, 2014
by admin

Strategic Direction and Goals

Strategic Direction


The Board’s focus is to maintain the Cottage’s reputation as a reliable and compassionate provider of family services to those in need in the community.

It will focus on 4 key goals and strategies designed to optimise the Cottages’ resources and build strategic alliances with complementary community organisations, especially those within the Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra LGAs.


Goal 1 – Core Services

  • We will operate the Cottage by offering the following services :
        • Domestic violence support, counselling, case management and advocacy.
        • General counselling and support for families.
        • Undertake group work for parents and family support
        • Occasional child care.
        • Specialist services such as art therapy to clients on a sessional basis based on the need for this in the local community.

Goal 2 – Maintain the brand and reputation of the Cottage.

  • We will ensure that we are known in the broader community and by other stakeholders/agencies as a provider of choice for DV, general counselling, child care and parenting services and programs. We will maintain a reputation as a highly effective service provider that is well managed and willing to work collaboratively with a range of other providers to assist in building capacity within the community in our areas of expertise.
  • Our client focus will be on our attentive and professional service delivery and the seamless integration of OCC and FSS.
  • Our Occasional Child Care service will continue to be known as a caring, high quality carer of children with parents who are most in need of our service.

Goal 3 – Funding and grants model/approach

  • We will focus on 5 key funding streams to secure the Cottage’s future, with a particular focus on the next 12 months. These streams include:
      • State Government FACS for DV case management and counselling;
      • Recurrent funding from local government
      • Fee for service work for specialist counselling;
      • Medicare revenue from counsellors with provider numbers;
      • Other community grants for specific programs.
      • Donations achieved through our charitable status.

Goal 4 – Building strong partnerships and relationships

  •  We will build strong financial and professional relationships with a number of local and community agencies that offer complementary services and programs and which will deliver mutual benefits for both agencies and their clients by the sharing of resources.